The Bruce McPherson ILFN Study

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The Bruce McPherson Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Study
Adverse Health Effects Produced By Large Industrial Wind Turbines Confirmed

December 14, 2011

This study was initiated by the concerns of a private citizen, Bruce McPherson who enjoyed the many quality of life benefits of living on Cape Cod. He was disappointed that there were no efforts being made by developers or government agencies, to determine the real cause for the many complaints from Falmouth residents living near three new industrial wind turbines. He knew that neighbors were constantly complaining to town officials about receiving excessive noise, adverse health effects and the loss of well-being. Thanks are given by so many for the generosity of Mr. McPherson, who initiated and funded this independent investigation.


An independent review of the acoustics data indicates it is scientifically valid, Nancy S. Timmerman, chairwoman of the Acoustical Society of America’s Technical Committee on Noise, said in an email. She added that she can speak only to data on acoustics, not physiological effects reported in the study.

Jim Cummings, executive director of Acoustic Ecology Institute, another expert who looked at the study, said in an email the results could be a red flag on the correlation between infrasound and negative health effects, but more data are needed to establish proof. “This is an indication, for sure, but a short sampling to base large claims on,” Cummings wrote. “This and one other recent paper from the Association for Noise Control Engineers conference, Noise-Con, are both good indications that infrasound could be more problematic than generally assumed.”

— Reviews reported by Sean Teehan, Cape Cod Online, December 26, 2011.