What things REALLY sound like

Part of my work with people (actually a very large part) is talking about, conversing about, listening to and understanding about, what things sound like. REALLY sound like. This can be an interesting process! And a very important process. Large and expensive conflicts can arise seemingly out of nowhere when people disagree about what things sound like and don’t take the time to understand (first) what the other person’s experience is about what something sounds like. I’ve been called in numerous times in my professional career to investigate and solve a noise problem that might have been preventable.

Now I understand that for some, large industrial wind turbines sound like- refrigerators. I’ve seen it over and over in the newspapers, press releases, and industry papers. Do large industrial wind turbines actually sound like refrigerators? Of course not. Not even close. Have folks impacted by wind turbine noise pollution, folks who can’t sleep, whose lives have been altered, who maybe had to abandon their home, have they been listened to, really sat down with and listened to and understood, by folks who think industrial wind turbines sound like refrigerators? –You’d have to sit down with and listen to the folks who think industrial wind turbines sound like refrigerators to get the answer to that one!

This web site documents in a light-hearted fashion how people often don’t understand what things really sound like, by looking at how sounds are portrayed in movies I believe people form and share collective consciousness about sound through shared experiences, and for many kinds of sound, I think one of the the most powerful shared experiences is watching movies. So this article is actually very informative about how powerful movie sound is and how we derive from movies what sounds are authentic. For those who haven’t heard it, the real eagle cry is, well.. talk about bursting a bubble. Enjoy!