Silence: A rare commodity in our noisy world. Valued by some, treasured by a few, unknown to most. Increasingly, silence is becoming a rarity. Indeed, as one hears the inexorable march of progress across the soundscapes of Maine, the sounds of Maine’s pastoral silence, the sound of a quiet summer’s morning… the still time at twilight… the deep quiet during a long winter’s night, is fast being replaced by the ever-present, irregular whining and whumping of wind turbines. Catch the silence while you can. Be informed… Maine is on the move. What was Vacationland is now becoming something else entirely.

Captured in a brilliant if, for some, bewildering performance by John Cage in 1952, silence in the day to day world is as foreign to many people as the places in which it may, from time to time, still be found.

John Cage’s original performance of 4’33”:


A recent performance of 4’33” by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Lawrence Foster, conductor: