Pumps in Portland

Had a good visit today at a residential building in Portland with a noise problem; a team visit with Steve Ambrose, Member INCE (Brd. Cert.). The problem turned out to be clearly audible and persistent noise in the residential first floor from water circulation pumps that lacked vibration isolation located in the basement mechanical room. The impeller blade pass frequency and the pump “ringing” whine was clearly audible upstairs. Really didn’t have to do much in the way of analysis. A quick shot with the iPhone’s SignalScope application highlighted the blade pass frequency for confirmation in the mechanical room in the basement. Met some very nice people in the building, including the maintenance guy- good conversations and discussions about what an isolator looks like, where it would go (hangers mostly, lots of them!) and how to incorporate isolation in phases in the operating and maintenance budget. Now they have a preliminary plan and an idea of budget. Everybody walked away happy.