Hammered by a wind turbine

I got surprised last week (April 17-19, 2011) on a wind turbine noise survey with my long-time colleague Steve Ambrose, also a Member of INCE. We experienced all the symptoms described by folks unfortunate enough to live nearby where an industrial wind turbine facility has been built. Nausea, loss of appetite, vertigo, dizziness, inability to concentrate, an overwhelming desire to get outside, and anxiety.

The distance was approximately 1700 feet from one 1.65MW industrial wind turbine.

We obtained relief, repeatedly, by going several miles away.

Vertigo came back much stronger for me today, a week later, simply while reviewing the precision audio recordings from the trip on small laptop speakers. Moderate nausea coming and going, and ears ringing and feeling full. That may mean that I have been “sensitized” and I’m now more susceptible to the symptoms.

If you’ve ever been seasick, or travel-sick on planes, you might understand the feeling.


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