Deep Relaxation Music

Life seems to be speeding up and getting noisier on so many levels, isn’t it? The information age brings with it a firehose of data round the clock, on the television, on the cellphone. So how do you relax when so much information is coming at you? Meditation offers a direct route to relaxation as it centers around stillness and focus on the breath. In so doing, the mind is calmed. Modern science has documented remarkable relaxations while listening to nature sound or certain kinds of music.

According to research conducted by the University of Florence in Italy, people on medication for hypertension lowered their blood pressure more when they listened to music daily while breathing slowly. High blood pressure is a big problem for many, many people- perhaps 1 in 3 in the US- millions!

Okay, let’s recap. A simple method for relaxing and lowering blood pressure is: listening to music daily while breathing slowly. But: what music should you listen to?

Originally created and in use worldwide for deep relaxation healing in bodywork therapies, WAVEPOOL is now used worldwide by therapists, yoga teachers, shamanic and meditation practitioners and, has prompted large reductions in stress conditions, including one hypertension sufferer who returned her blood pressure all the way down to nominal values using this technique at home, and wrote to say “it’s saving my life.”

Hypertension reduced listening to WAVEPOOL

A critically acclaimed and international bestseller on the Digstation overall and CDBaby relaxation formats, Robert Rand’s WAVEPOOL is very simply the best sixty-minute soundtrack for deep relaxation.

“Wavepool is not just a beautiful CD to listen to but it also supports a deep and profound spiritual state. When listening to the CD I personally find myself going to a deep inner landscape where I can experience my spiritual light and divine nature while staying in my body.

I have found that many CDs that are made for spiritual work leave me feeling ungrounded. This is definitely not the case with Wavepool. It leaves my energy feeling smooth and filled with light. What a gift!!”

—Sandra Ingerman, Author of many books including “Soul Retrieval” and “Medicine for the Earth”, December 2009. On the web at

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