Welcome to Rand Acoustics. Rand Acoustics works as investigators to create a more harmonious world by assisting communities, corporations, organizations, and ordinary people:

– assessing and preventing adverse health impacts from noise pollution;

– designing and communicating about beautiful soundscapes and soundtracks;

– communicating about perception and health as related to sound and noise.

Rand Acoustics serves clients throughout the United States and abroad, using the highest quality, “Type 1” sound level metering, 24-bit digital audio recorders, and high precision analysis software. Instruments and analysis systems used for environmental and noise pollution projects are calibrated end-to-end with calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Testing.

Integrating professional acoustical analysis with decades of music performance and, years of study in the wisdom traditions and advanced training in holistic healing methods, Rand Acoustics provides a unique, powerful, people-oriented, collaborative and solutions-oriented process that ranges from standard engineering and technical services, to holistic work with sound and health with individuals, to creative sound design for stabilizing, illuminating and transformative acoustics in public, professional, and meditation spaces.

Rand Acoustics is a Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering since 1993.

While fully committed to INCE’s Canon of Ethics, Rand Acoustics is aligned in practice to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) who have identical ethical canons but take seriously their responsibility, not just for the quality of the jobs they work on — but for the safety and well-being of the public at large. For more information, see NSPE Ethics.

The first and most prominent of NSPE’s ethical canons is aligned with the generalized principles of the Hippocratic Oath:

Hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public.